Instagram introduce new feature ‘Quiet Mode’ 2023: Silent mode in Instagram

Instagram launches quiet mode

Social media is fantastic, connecting us with people in different time zones as well as even countries as well as keeping us connected with those we don’t have time to meet and so on. However, we are aware that the pressures of social media can consume all of our time, and can be equally draining as satisfying. Naturally, quiet modes aren’t new, and I’m often amazed at the number of people who use them on their iPhone as shown in a message that reads “the recipient is not receiving notifications” on Messages. In Messages, you can still choose to send your message in any way however it’s not certain whether something similar is available to Instagram.

What is the silence mode in Instagram?

Instagram quiet mode

It’s a good thing that Instagram has a brand new feature that’s been added to Instagram that’s called Quiet Mode. This means that once it’s enabled it will pause all notifications and the status of the profile will change to read “In silent mode.” If you send a direct message during this period, they’ll receive a response stating that the person who intended to receive it is in “quiet mode” turned on.

They are an excellent feature to add to the offerings for users on Instagram. Meta is the company that is the owner of Instagram published a blog post that explains this new function as “a new method of managing your time and keep your focus”.

It’s interesting to note that Instagram has one user group with a particular target group with its sights set on them, stating,” We’ll prompt teens to switch to Quiet mode if they spend a particular number of hours on Instagram late in the midnight.”

Then, “Teens have told us that they often need to be able to spend time with themselves and are seeking ways to stay focused in the evening, during studying as well as during school. You can easily adjust your Quiet mode times to accommodate your schedule. When the feature has been turned off it will show you an instant summary of your notifications to help you check out the things you missed. Anyone can utilize Quiet mode, however we’ll remind teens to use it whenever they spend a certain amount of time using Instagram late at night.”

In which countries silent mode is being launched?

If you’re using Instagram within the U.S., United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada, Australia as well as New Zealand, it’s rolling out now and will be followed by other countries to be added soon, Meta says.

Of course, you’ll must turn to Quiet Mode and the temptation is usually to not change anything however, it’s an exciting improvement.

Instagram has also announced that it has improved the way you handle recommendations to improve the quality of is the best content Instagram offers you. You can block several parts of content at a at the same time, and select not Interested in the option menu for posts that is displayed under the Explore tab. It is also possible to include an alphabetical list of keywords or hashtags you would like to stay clear of. It is already possible to block comments and DMs but it applies to recommended posts too.

The company also updated its parental monitoring tools that allow parents for instance to see “accounts their child has blocked” and also the capability for parents to check the teens’ Instagram settings. Meta states, “These updates are part of our ongoing effort to ensure that people experience experiences that they can enjoy and give them more control over the amount of time they spend online as well as the kinds of content they consume.”

While these changes aren’t going to solve the problem of social media, they’re helpful steps to handle it.

How do I enable quiet mode in Instagram?

  1. Click “Notifications” Choose “Notifications;” it’s the second option, just below “Follow and Invite Friends.”
  2. Click “Quiet mode” “Quiet mode” is the option just below “Pause All.”
  3. Turn “Quiet mode” on and schedule your time, like during work hours or during a specific class.


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