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Review : Tegimpu- Half- Baked Heist Thriller

Release Date : January 11, 2023

123telugu.Com Rating : 2.5/5

Starring: Ajith Kumar, Manju Warrier, Samuthirakani, John Kokken, Veera, Bucks, and others

Director: H Vinoth

Producers: ZEE Studios & Boney Kapoor

Music Director: Ghibran

Cinematography: Nirav Shah

Editor: Vijay Velikutty

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One of the Sankranthi biggies Thunivu starring Ajith Kumar is out in theatres now. The film is dubbed and launched as Thegimpu in Telugu simultaneously. It stars Manju Warrier in any other essential role. Let’s see how it’s miles.

Tegimpu Telugu Movie Story:

A cop moves a deal with a group of goons who plan to rob Your Bank in Visakhapatnam and percentage the looted money. The gang commences their plan and enters the bank best to recognize that there is every other man or woman, Darkdevil (Ajith Kumar) inner who also came to rob. He takes down a few goons and makes the clients, employees, and other goons his hostages. Who is he? Why did he plan to rob the bank? Who is assisting him out? The foremost film has all the solutions.

Tegimpu Telugu Movie Download | Tegimpu Telugu Movie Review
Tegimpu Telugu Movie Download | Tegimpu Telugu Movie Review

Tegimpu Telugu Movie Plus Points:

The fundamental subject matter of the film is ready banking frauds and inventory marketplace frauds which are common in an financial system. The director attempted to throw light on how public price range are being misused by means of a few corporate giants. It is relatable to center-elegance folks who invest their hard-earned cash in special investment avenues.

There are a laugh scenes among the referred to fraudsters and Ajith within the 2nd half of which evoke respectable laughs. These scenes offer exceptional leisure at a time when the movie receives boring. There are a few characters like a news channel employee, and a corrupted cop which might be designed clearly and affords comfort.

Last however no longer the least Ajith Kumar shines all of the manner with his top notch display screen presence and mannerisms. The way he dances, his evil laugh, his overall performance, and everything about him is properly provided within the way that lovers expect from Ajith. Manju Warrier, Samuthirakani, and others are respectable of their respective roles.

Tegimpu Telugu Movie Minus Points:

The biggest drawback is the choppy screenplay which at instances exams the persistence stages. For the maximum part of the film the narrative moves in a clueless way and one wonders wherein the movie is definitely heading. After starting the film in an interesting way, the graph dips and there are simplest a handful of moments that engage and the relaxation don’t. The director tries to cowl it up by having Ajith at the vanguard, however he doesn’t break out completely.

A few quantities don’t have any good judgment and it is unexpected to see them coming from a skilled filmmaker. The motion scenes closer to the stop are badly completed. There is a flashback episode for Ajith’s man or woman which isn’t gripping or engaging either. The emotional connection is completely missing in the movie.

The foremost point have to have been hooked up a chunk earlier within the movie and the songs could have been completely prevented. The fundamental premise is satisfactory however greater efforts must had been taken regarding the screenplay. There is no continuation in some locations because the film jumps from one series to some other in an flawed way.

Tegimpu Telugu Movie Technical Aspects:

The BGM by way of Ghibran is decent but the songs didn’t make an impact. The cinematography is high-quality however the movie’s duration might have been slightly reduced. The production values are excellent. The Telugu dubbing is honest.

Coming to the director, H.Vinoth, he did a underneath-par task with the movie. He has taken a terrific plot however has not succeeded completely in coming up with an enticing screenplay. Though he places correct moments here and there, the film as an entire remains underwhelming.

Tegimpu Telugu Movie Verdict:

On the whole, Thegimpu is a half of-baked heist mystery that impresses best in elements. There is Ajith’s swag all around the film but the same isn’t the case with the narrative. Though the message conveyed is pleasant, the issues outweigh them and consequently the film ends up simply an ok this weekend.

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